Ningxia Red®

Key Benefits

Seven times more pure—- therapeutic-grade essential oil—- Carefully selected for their health and flavor profiles, the blend of orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils found in NingXia Red is packed with 93% d-limonene- a potent antioxidant and a marker for bioactivity. Along with NingXia Red’s premium flavor, these essential oils also aid in maintaining the body’s normal cellular function
Preferred great taste—The new NingXia Red, now Halal and Kosher certified, contains no artificial sugars and has a unique, balanced flavor profile that captures the pure essence of the Ningxia wolfberry. The natural flavor is further enhanced by zero-calorie stevia (Rebaudioside A), essential oils, plus blueberry, cherry, and aronia juice. In fact, when compared to other similar superfruit beverages in a major university study, the new NingXia Red was preferred by 77% of participants over all other options in a blind taste panel!

Long-lasting energy support*—Long-term use of wolfberries (Lycium barbarum) may contribute to agility, longevity, and vitality. In fact, recent studies indicate that drinks containing wolfberry exhibit longer-lasting supportive effects on energy and caloric metabolism. NingXia Red is an easy way to get pure, premium Ningxia wolfberries and experience natural, sustained support for energy without the crashes and harmful side effects of coffee or energy drinks.

Fortifies the body and replenishes key nutrients*—The combination of whole wolfberries—the juice, peel, seeds, and fruit—with pomegranate and plum juice delivers vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and phytonutrients. NingXia Red also contains zeaxanthin, a carotenoid suggested to enhance healthy visual function. Recent studies on the consumption of wolfberries and whole fruit juices recommend 2 to 4 ounces for optimal support.

Revitalizing, full-body protection*—The combination of blueberry, grape seed extract, aronia, and pomegranate—some of the world’s most antioxidant-rich fruits—helps increase the S-ORAC level more than 30% over previous formulations. These levels were independently tested and may help defend against damage caused by free radicals

The following article is reprinted with permission of Young Living Essential Oils, LC, Lehi, UT 84043 U.S.A.

Toss that Antioxidant Supplement... Drink Your Shot of NingXia Red
the World's Most Powerful Antioxidant Juice. Always at the forefront of scientific research, Young Living commissioned the first Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) test done on dried Ningxia wolfberries in November of 2000. The results were simply amazing. Wolfberry had five times the antioxidant power of prunes, ten times the power of oranges, twelve times the power of raisins, and fifty-five times the antioxidant power of cauliflower. Wolfberry had the highest known ORAC score for any whole food.
Today, the ORAC test is much more sophisticated. It has been expanded to cover more free radicals: the hydroxyl (HORAC), peroxynitrite (NORAC), and superoxide (SOD.) The superoxide free radical is the most prevalent in the body and also generates other free radicals. It is also the most damaging of all free radicals. The SOD test measures superoxide scavenging activity. Wolfberry again is unparalleled in its ability to scavenge and squelch the superoxide free radical—much like a "search and destroy" mission.

SOD (Superoxide Defusing) Activity of Selected Products


FrequenSea SOD 135

SIBU Balance

SIBU Balance SOD 216


MonaVie SOD 421



NingXia Red


Via Viente

Via Viente SOD 292


XanGo SOD 60

Tahitian Noni


Himalayan Goji


Chart Source: "15 New Discoveries that Will STOP Heart Disease" booklet by Ronald Lawrence MD, PhD,

NingXia Red’s astounding SOD score makes all other nutrient drinks pale in comparison. But why the concern and worry over free radicals? The reason is that the distresses and ailments of aging are hastened by the attack of free radicals on every cell in the body. Halt free radical damage and enjoy vibrant health for many more years!
We will include just one study for illustration. Gerontologists at Peking University found that a miniscule amount of wolfberry (0.025 percent) in a culture medium allowed an increase in the number of times human lung cells could divide from forty-nine times to sixty-one times.1 Quoting Discover of the Ultimate Superfood, "Using wolfberry in the nutrient broth, researchers effectively increased the lifespan of the lung tissue by 22 percent."
In addition, there is also an ingredient synergy at work in NingXia Red as the raspberries, blueberries, and pomegranates in the juice are also potent antioxidants. Even the essential oils of orange and lemon in this powerful juice contain the antioxidant d-limonene.

1. Wu BY, et al., "Effect of wolfberry fruit and epimedium on DNA synthesis of the aging-youth 2BS fusion cells," Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 2003 Decd;23(12):926-8.

How does NingXia Red™ compare to other Drinks?

Judge for yourself, NingXia Red™ does not only claim to be the most effective antioxidant food, we have the research to prove it:

There are many scales that measure antioxidant activity: ORAC, S-ORAC, HORAC, BOVIS, etc. The scale that Young Living uses is the newer S-ORAC (S stands for Superoxide) and SOD (sodium oxide dismutase) plays a huge part here. SOD is the highest anti-oxidant known.

NingXia Red™ always tested high but did not go off the charts until Gary Young added the skins, pulp and seeds to the drink in 2005. Other things to watch for:
1) is the product sold in plastic or glass?
Plastic leaches unwanted chemicals into the product.
2) is the product made with lower temperatures (and therefore more costly) to help preserve the natural enzymes?
Young Living does not heat NingXia Red™ at all-- a very small amounts of benign preservatives are used so the juice can be raw.

3) does the product have cheaper filler juices like pear and grape? NingXia Red™ has pomegranate, blueberry and raspberry, besides the Ningxia wolfberry. All whole foods. Speaking of wolfberry, there appear to be about 18 different species, and the Ningxia wolfberry is the only one with the great properties it has.
To get the same benefit as drinking just 1 oz of NingXia Red™ you would have to drink:

one and a half bottles of Via Viente™ ;

Eight bottles of Xango™ ;

(see: "A Friendly Skeptic Looks at Mangosteen" By Dr. Ralph Moss)

Nine Bottles of Noni™ ;

A whole truck load of Goji Juice™ .

The NingXia Red™ Promise

NingXia Red™ combines the finest Ningxia wolfberries, proprietary "Nutrient-Guard" preparation, and other all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients to provide: - Dynamic energy and stamina without harmful stimulants (e.g., caffeine, green tea, etc.) - Key glyconutrients that fuel vital energy systems - Unique protein-polysaccharides that help sustain proper immune function - Highest levels of naturally occurring, age defying S-ORAC activity - Great taste with no sugary "junk-juices" (e.g., apple, white grape, pear, etc.) - Essential nutrients in NingXia Red™ also help support the following: - Normal cardiovascular function, eye health, cell growth, and healthy liver function.

Synergistic Blend of Juices

Look at the label! Other health drinks contain "junk juices" such as white grape, apple, and pear. These sugary juices contain very little health benefit. Our own juices are carefully selected rich, dark juices known to enhance longevity and health. These darker juices are extremely high in anthocyanidins, flavanoids, and carotenoids, which have been shown to strengthen collagen, protect against cardiovascular disease, and absorb free radicals.
The synergy between these essential phytonutrients (i.e., plant nutrients) multiplies its effect on crucial biochemical processes within the body. Synergy means that these juices combined have more antioxidant activity than the sum of the individual juices. It's the synergy of nature's best ingredients that makes NingXia Red™ the most powerful antioxidant juice anywhere. Tests prove that NingXia Red™ is indeed SYNERGIZED!
Ningxia wolfberry, the primary ingredient in NingXia Red™ , along with the powerful combination of select juices and essential oils, is what makes NingXia Red™ the antioxidant food of choice for daily health optimization!

-Ningxia Wolfberry Puree: the miracle superfood; supports multiple biosystems; ultra-rich nutrient source
-Blueberry Juice Concentrate: contains ultra-high levels of antioxidants
-Plum Juice Concentrate

-Cherry Juice Concentrate
-Aronica Juice Concentrate
-Pomegranate Juice Concentrate: supports cardiovascular health
Proprietary Essential blend 50mg Grape (Vitis vinifera) seed extract, Orange EO (Citrus sinensis), Yuzu EO (Citrus junos), Lemon EO (Citrus limon), Tangerine EO (Citrus reticulata)
Other ingredients: Tartaric acid, natural blueberry flavor, pure vanilla extract, malic acid, pectin, sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate, natural stevia extract.

Immune System Support

Wolfberries and NingXia Red™ have been shown to provide assistance to immunity. Studies done in a hospital in Beijing, China, have shown wolfberries to be effective in inhibiting inflammation and may induce an immune response.
A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association concluded, "Wolfberry juice and its mixtures were shown to have immunomodulatory effects... by increasing splenic (spleen) microphages and splenic weight." There are a number of studies that correlate increased spleen weight and improved immunological function. As studies continue, the science is clear — this remarkable fruit has an abundance of health benefits!

Ancient Tradition

NingXia Red™ contains the amazing Ningxia wolfberry. This tiny, red berry has been cherished for centuries, particularly in the Ningxia Province in China, for its health, energy, and longevity benefits. Ancient medical texts mention the Chinese wolfberry in conjunction with regulation of the "vital energy," "strengthening of the physique," and nourishment that can "lead to longevity." Even more anciently it was said to "replenish vital essences" and "strengthen and restore major organs."
These ancient observations seem to correlate remarkably with the discoveries made by modern scientists. Chinese scientists have determined that the wolfberry polysaccharide has "definite protective effects" on pancreas cells that regulate our body's insulin system, the "islets of Langerhans." Other researchers have determined that special substances found in wolfberries have "prominent hepatoprotective activity," meaning that they help protect the liver. These are just a few of the marvelous studies that help confirm what ancient tradition held true. Other significant science can be found in the "Wolfberry Scientific Brief."

Essential Oils

ORAC testing has shown that essential oils have also been found to have the very powerful antioxidant d-limonene. NingXia Red™ is the only drink available that contains lemon and orange essential oils. These oils alone have remarkable health promoting benefits, which is just one more reason that NingXia Red™ is the most amazing health drink available.

Best Tasting Drink

When compared to other antioxidant food drinks , NingXia Red™ is miles ahead of the competition. When you consider that every single ingredient is not only incredibly healthy but naturally delicious as well, it becomes clear why NingXia Red™ is a favorite way to start out the day. Sweet yet tangy, a pleasant taste of fruity richness sweetened with blue agave syrup (also known as the "nectar of the gods"), NingXia Red™ is a delight to drink.
Some think it tastes concentrated. That is probably because most retail juices on today's market are clear, watered down sugary drinks that are made to appeal to a generation raised on soda pop. Those other drinks have very little nutritional benefit and spike blood sugar. The body easily assimilates the natural sugars in NingXia Red™ because it's healthy in every way.

Body Systems Affected: Immune System, Liver Function, Eye Health, Energy Level

How to use: Take 1 fl. oz. daily, or as needed.

Amounts per Serving:
: 20 per serving
Total Carbohydrate: 5 grams per serving
Dietary Fiber: < 1 gram grams per serving
Sugars: 2 grams per serving
Sodium: < 5 mg per serving

Ingredients: Proprietary NingXia Red Blend 29g Ningxia Wolfberry Puree (Lycium barbarum), Blueberry Juice Concentrate (Vaccinium corymbosum), Plum Juice Concentrate (Prunus domestica), Cherry Juice Concentrate (Prunus avium), Aronia Juice Concentrate (Aronia melanocarpa), Pomegranate Juice Concentrate (Punica granatum) Proprietary Essential blend 50mg Grape (Vitis vinifera) seed extract, Orange EO (Citrus sinensis), Yuzu EO (Citrus junos), Lemon EO (Citrus limon), Tangerine EO (Citrus reticulata) Other ingredients: Tartaric acid, natural blueberry flavor, pure vanilla extract, malic acid, pectin, sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate, natural stevia extract.

† 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil


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