Natural Remedies for Asthma, Allergies and Respiratory Problems

If you have ever experienced an asthma attack, you know how frightening it can be. If you suffer from allergies, you dread the change of seasons. We understand there are many of you who feel they must choose between suffering and taking medications, while compromising other functions.

We know how frustrating it is to find alternatives to traditional medicine that are safe, affordable, and above all, effective. Many of our customers felt the same way before they discovered Young Living Essential Oils and Products, myself included! I have been using their products for over 18 years now and have not needed any prescription medicine in that time period.
We thought you might like to hear from a few of them, in their own words. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Hi, I am new to Young Living Essential oils, but I am so thankful to have made my way to good health using Thieves and RC. My husband died 2 years ago, and I have been apparently holding onto a lot of grief in my chest.
I was also exposed to heavy, continuous doses of black mold which harmed and weakened my lungs. I was sick most of last year (2007) with 5 bouts of pneumonia. I tried taking many forms of herbal capsules (garlic, Echinacea, golden seal, zinc, vitamin C, etc.) These herbs and supplements would help a little, but the first cold or flu that was going around work, bamm, I would get the cold which would go right into pneumonia.
Last year was so awful with being sick constantly. I have gained 40 pounds because I don't have the energy or stamina to run my normal 4 miles a day.
So after my 5 bout of pneumonia, I purchased the Thieves product line and my life has been changed. I have not had a pneumonia or a cold now for 2 months. I have been putting the Thieves oil on the bottom of my feet and I take 1 drop in my mouth each morning. I also brush my teeth with the Thieves toothpaste and gargle morning and evening with Thieves mouthwash.
Last month, whenever I would sense a scratchy throat or mucous in my sinus, I would just put 1 drop of Thieves on my tongue and those cold symptoms would be immediately gone.
I am so thankful for the Thieves oil and the RC (which I forgot to mention...I also put the RC on the soles of my feet and my throat when I have cold symptoms.) I am so grateful to the Young Living Essential oils. I am determined to make 2008 a healthy year for me. These oils are a gift from God and I am most grateful to have my good health restored to me.
Thank you, Young Living! Cheryl Scott RN, PhD

Testimonial from a Certified Health Counselor

"A little from my own experience with Asthma for 20 years. I hope it is of some help.
In my early twenties, I began developing Asthma and began taking the conventional medication. This seemed to help for a while, but eventually I began to get worse and I developed allergies and really bad sinus problems. Also digestion problems. Also gained weight from steroids. I personally believe that these medications just suppress the symptoms and not help the body to heal the original cause. Of course, it was easier to just keep taking the medication and not do the hard work that it took to really get my health under control.
When I started I went through 3 sets of the Cleansing Trio. To digest your food is very important. The digestive enzymes (Essentialzyme, Detoxzyme) were and continue to be excellent in digesting my food. I noticed for myself that if I ate something and it didn't digest properly, I would begin to wheeze in my lungs. Amazing! In the beginning, I used the essential oils, RC, Raven, Frankincense (This was the best...even used it in a suppository when I gained more confidence that hey, these oils can help my body to heal).
Just one more thing, I did get worse before I got better. After three months, my Asthma was worse and I was about to give up on the products, when my friend encouraged me to stick with it and sure enough by 4 months, 5 months, things began to turn around.
Today, thank God, three years later, I am on no medication whatsoever. I do get occasional wheezing which can be traced to my own shortcoming... not drinking enough water, eating too much dairy or wheat. All I have to do is put some Frankincense on my chest or RC and usually a couple hours, sometimes even minutes, my lungs are clear again.
Hope this of help. Asthma can be bought under control. I can't even explain what a wonderful feeling it is to live life as a healthy human being and not be dependent on drugs to feel well." Ernestine, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Asthma Attacks
"I have been so ill for the last three years. Each time I would get a sinus infection, it would move down into my lungs and I would end up with horrible asthma attacks.
I would be put on a double round of antibiotics and prednisone to help get the episode under control. Then within a few weeks I would have another infection and go through this whole routine again using a different antibiotic.
This last time there was no time between coming off of the antibiotic and having the infection cropping up again I was scared to death. The doctors had uses every antibiotic on the market and I was still sicker than sick. I was out of luck with conventional medicine.
Thank God some one posted Gary Young's recipe for antibiotic resistant oils. I took the oils internally for three days and my infection was gone!!!! I also used several strong anti-viral oils on my back with a hot wet towel at night for 5 nights. No more coughing up horrible yellow-green mucus. No more terrible sinus pain. No more asthma.
By the second day of taking the oils I stopped taking the antibiotics that the doctor had prescribed for me. I know now that I won't be needing conventional antibiotic medications anymore." Sue Boyd

Severe Allergies
We used four different oils for my husband's severe allergies. These oils were Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Myrtle and RC.
I layered these on his feet (especially sinus points) and used two, varying the two, over his sinuses, (careful, they can irritate). He experienced 99% relief from his allergies this spring!
That is truly amazing because he has suffered with them for over 7 years and used every medication from over-the-counter to prescription. I also diffused the oils in the bedroom while he slept. We only did this about three to five times." Susan

More Asthma
"Asthma does run in my family. I get it in the summer due to my allergies. My husband has been an asthmatic for 18 yrs. so bad that he has stopped breathing twice. Since introduced to the oils, he uses RC and Cypress twice daily on the lung areas of his feet, and he hasn't used his nebulizer for almost a year.
The RC opens up the lungs, and the Cypress will pull out any fluid that is irritating. The doctor told him that he used to be his worst asthma patient, he and can't figure out why he is so much better." Judy

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