Natural Remedies for Migraines and Headaches

When pain from headaches and migraines keeps you from enjoying everyday life, it's time to find a solution. We understand how frustrating it can be to find alternatives to traditional medicine that are safe, affordable, and above all, effective.
Many of our customers felt the same way before they discovered Young Living Essential Oils and Products, myself included! I have been using their products for over 18 years now and have not needed any prescription medicine in that time period.
We thought you might like to hear from a few of them, in their own words. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Migraine Headache Relief
Let me share my testimonial about Peppermint Essential Oil, being used to relieve a migraine headache. Yesterday I had a chiropractor appointment. Because of some tests I needed, he asks that no coffee or other substances be taken before the appointment.
Mine was at 10:00 a.m. and although I love my morning coffee, I figured I'd have it after the appointment with little discomfort. I went, had the tests and because I was still feeling fine and dandy I decided to do my grocery shopping before heading home. This was uneventful too, but on the way home I began to feel that familiar tightness that comes before a headache.
I still figured though that I'd be home soon, have my coffee, put away the groceries and catch it in time. But NO! I could barely carry the bags from the car. My head was pounding. I managed, but not before a full blown migraine set in. These sort of migraines have before lasted for days (if they were not caught in time).
What I did next is the reason for the letter. I had used peppermint oil about a month ago on a smaller headache and it took it away. On the strength of that I thought I'd try the peppermint again. I put a few drops on my fingers and rubbed it all across my forehead and temples and a few more drops on the back of my neck. I laid on the bed wondering if I would have to call in sick to work (I was due in at 4:30) or would it go away?
Within minutes I felt, along with the stingingly refreshing bite of the peppermint, my fierce headache was subsiding. I could actually feel it lift away. Within ten minutes it was GONE. ALL GONE. I love these oils and wanted to share! Peppermint is my favorite!" Kathy

M-Grain Essential Oil Blend for Migraine Relief
"I too have experienced severe migraines...I combine M-Grain and Peppermint Essential Oil in my palm and apply to forehead on down to temples and also back of my neck. The aroma left in my palm I inhale deeply several times.
Once I did this treatment two times within 20 minutes after waking up with a severe migraine and had relief all day. I also avoid dairy and chocolate and the days that I feel a migraine coming on.
I use the Master Formula, Super Cal and Sulfurzyme and have gone through two cleansing since I began the oils in Feb this year. I also took myself off sinus allergy pills, went from getting weekly allergy injections to monthly now, taken myself off of artificial estrogen and use EndoFlex, Geranium, RC, Clarity and Lavender on a daily basis.
...I feel alive again and have tons of energy! Good luck to you and your friend!" Jackie

"A friend of mine has migraines so bad he has almost lost his job because of them. I gave him a 5/8 dram bottle with 20 drops of Peppermint and 20 drops of Basil (I didn't have any M-Grain) and he hasn't missed a day of work since... He just puts five drops in his hand and rubs a bit on each temple, a bit across his forehead, and then rubs that hand with the oil on the back of his neck...then rubs his hands together, and breathes for about a minute... He says they haven't gone beyond a "twinge" since he has had the oil." Jessica Wild

"I have been a migraine sufferer for 43 years and had about given up on mastering the pain that comes with the migraine. I took M-Grain and put 3 drops neat and massaged them on my neck up to the point where your skull joins the spine.
I then took 2 drops and massaged them on my temples and up my forehead to the center. Within about 10 - 15 minutes I feel results. Now, no one knows when I even have a migraine. I had cut back to part-time at work because I was having migraines weekly that kept me in bed for 24 hours at a crack. Good Luck," Jan Doerr

"I have been taking ComforTone with the odd ICP thrown in for the past 3 months. I had migraines for 20 years, and once I started on the cleanse, although I had to start really slowly otherwise I'd get a horrible migraine, but once I started, I haven't had a migraine since. I intend to keep doing what's working for me. I am free at last!!!! Blessings," Linda

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